Slip Disk

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Research-Certified Raw Herbs useful in Slip Disk.

This packet contains a combination of different raw herbs in research-proven proportion ● Using two times a day, it makes the patient rid of Slip Disk naturally with no side-effects. This packet contains pouches of the research-certified raw herbs. Each pouch is for one normal dose ● All these raw herbs are all-natural, cent percent pure and organic, directly taken from the lap of nature; so unbranded ● No chemicals, no preservatives. No addictives, no artificial flavorings ● Under the eyes of experts in Ayurveda, these raw herbs are grown by strictly following the norms set by Ayurveda for cultivation of such sort of medicinal plants.

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Not ordinarily available in the market, this research-proven combination of research-certified raw herbs is widely regarded for its result in curing the problem of Slip Disk. By the way, let’s discuss a little about this problem and how it can normally be identified. Slip Disk :: This disease is increasing rapidly in India. It can occur in any part of the spine. It causes unbearable pain. In this disease that can happen to any person, the cessation of pain is not considered to be disease-free, because this disease has also been seen attacking back. There are three main types of it― Cervical slip disc, Lumbar slip disc, Thoracic slip disc. Symptoms :: Muscle weakness; Pain, numbness in one part of the body; Increased pain after sitting or standing; Pain spreading to the arms and legs; Increased pain at night; Burning, tingling in the affected area; Cervical slip discs if there is pain in the back of the head, neck, shoulders; Thoracic slip disc if you have pain in the middle of the back and go to the toes of the hands and feet; Lumbar slip disc if you have pain in the lower back and go to the toes of the hands and feet.

Please note :: The description and symptoms of the disease, as mentioned here, are not all-inclusive. They are just indicative and for making the patients aware and to suggest them to have proper scientific diagnosis if any resemblance they observe with themselves. Patients are advised to be first confirmed whether they are in fact suffering from this problem or not. For such patients, we are also available at their service to find out the disease and root-cause. Process in this regard is given at our website. Because of being all-natural and preservative-free thing, using these raw herbs in given quantity will though not harm to even such person who is not suffering from the concerned problem, but no desired result can then be achieved by using these herbs.

Inside this packet :: Along with the research-certified raw herbs useful in Slip Disk, this packet contains a detailed description in text which mentions how to prepare the fresh doses of these raw herbs. Since no preservative is used with these raw herbs, using their doses fresh is highly recommended in order to get the best result. The real Ayurveda has never been in favor of using the preserved intakes in the name of treatment, nor this ever-relevant medical science permits readymade medicines where preservatives are must-used thing. Preservatives though increase the shelf-life of things, but they ultimately harm to health in unrepairable manner. That’s why these raw herbs are also to be used fresh. The text-description is also to define about dos and don’ts, so that these raw herbs could be beneficial at the most. Because of being basically a research institute, our ultimate priority is to make the patient disease-free naturally with no side-effects rather to grow business more and more by this-that way. Although the combination of raw herbs available inside this packet is generally called ‘medicine’ by the people and patients for their convenience, it is not a ‘medicine’ nor a ‘drug’ (as reflected in tags) but the all natural product… a research-proven combination of the research-certified raw herbs useful in the problem discussed here.

Dose :: Each pouch is one dose for an adult person; children under 14 may use half of pouch as a single dose ● Duration of using these raw herbs depends on the intensity of problem ● Using these raw herbs imposes no habit on a person. Once the patient gets rid of the concerned problem, he/she may easily stop using these raw herbs. ● Since all the research-certified raw herbs are all-natural and hand-picked, and packed immediately by hand rather than keeping their machine-packed packets preserved, the weight and size of this packet may vary from the weight-size-description given here. Due to the effect of season, the color of raw herbs may also vary at different times. All such differences may occur on color, appearance, weight, size but not in terms of quality and effectiveness of the raw herbs ● Disclaimer :: All the Raw Herbs we deliver are All-natural, Unbranded and cultivated organically with strictly following the norms set by Ayurveda for the cultivation of medicinal plants. Benefits from the concerned Raw Herbs are research-certified in certain conditions; however, they may not be as beneficial as desired which depends upon how a person takes and uses them.

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