In order to spread awareness about health and Ayurveda widely in public, the INSTITUTE for RESEARCH in AYURVEDA organizes contests for making the short film on any subject related to Ayurveda. These contests are held throughout the year― however, its every avatar is period-bound. These prize-value-based contests are designed for four stages of winners― one First Prize, one Second Prize, one Third Prize, and 15 Consolation Prizes. Once won the prize, a person can’t take part in this contest till one year. All the prize-winning articles are promised to be published by the Institute, so that more and more public across the world could take benefits of those.


  • Total Value of Prizes : INR 36,00,000 (Rupees 36 Lac Only)
  • First Prize (Value) ― INR 10,00,000
  • Second Prize (Value) ― INR 6,00,000
  • Third Prize (Value) ― INR 5,00,000
  • Consolation Prize (Value) ― INR 1,00,000 each to 15 contestants

Eligibility and Criteria

  • Who Can Participate ― Any Indian citizen
  • Age-group ― 18 plus
  • Gender ― No bar
  • Educational Qualification ― No bar
  • Entry Fee ― No
  • Entry Form ― No
  • Genre of Short Film ― Feature or Documentary or Docu-drama
  • Duration ― Minimum 10 minutes and Maximum 45 minutes
  • Language ― Hindi or English
  • Color Option ― Color or Black-and-White or Monocolor
  • Produced or Directed ― Either produced or directed by contestant
  • Format ― Digital
  • How to Submit ― By e-mail to
  • Documents Along With Submission ― Photo, ID proof and Address proof of contestant
  • Number of Submission ― One Short Film by one contestant
  • For any Clarification, if Required ― Write an e-mail to the Relationship Division of the Institute
  • Result ― To be declared within 45 working days from the last date. The results will be announced on the website of the Institute and the winners shall also be informed by e-mail. The results declared by the Institute will be final and non-challengeable anywhere
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property ― Copyright of all the submissions will always be owned by the concerned contestant ― and also, they will always be the intellectual property of the concerned contestant. The Institute will ONLY have the right to publish, release and distribute the winning submissions under their own banner with no condition.
  • Right of Cancellation and Postponement ― The Institute will have the right to cancel/ postpone/ repeat a particular avatar of the contest if all and/or most of the submissions are not found up to the mark


These contests are prize-value-based contests. No cash money is given to the winners of these contests― instead of this, every winner is given a discount on the value of prize amount, which can be utilized by the winner or by anyone else on behalf of his/her while making payment to Institute as the cost-price of the Raw Herbs : however, the period for availing this benefit is till one year or till the fixed amount of discount lasts, but it cannot be utilized more that 10 (ten) percent in a single order.

Ongoing Avatar of Contest

Subject ― Any subject that depicts, defines, explains Ayurveda and its significance • Any subject that anyhow relates to or focuses on Ayurveda and its working • Any subject that relates to any component of Ayurveda • Any subject that focuses on any Ayurvedic hospital, or any Ayurveda-based resort, or any expert in Ayurveda, or any Ayurvedic practitioner, or any patient who has experience of Ayurvedic treatment

Last Date ― 31-December-2021

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about what we deliver

All the Raw Herbs we deliver are All-natural, Unbranded and cultivated organically with strictly following the norms set by Ayurveda for the cultivation of medicinal plants. Benefits from the concerned Raw Herbs are research-certified in certain conditions; however, they may not be as beneficial as desired which depends upon how a person takes and uses them.